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Apple Bottom Jean Challenge

Ahh…The weather has cooled down and it is finally time to pull out those jeans in the back of your closet. How many of you hid your butt and thighs under baggy sweaters in past winter seasons? Well not this year!! I have designed a leg and butt workout that will make you want to

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Fantasy Football Workout

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts on the Fall season is Fantasy Football!  What better way to motivate than a workout determined by your Fantasy team?  This should help you stay active at home AND make wise picks for your team.  You’ll either end up the league champion or tone

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When you know better, you do better.

  I sat on my living room floor cutting out pictures of my ideal body parts from stacks of magazines, similar to Dr. Frankenstein sewing together parts to make the perfect body. I would focus on my taped together girl. If I was strong enough, strict enough, good enough, I could achieve perfection like each

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BCB Yoga

Boot Camp Babes is very excited to announce the start of BCB Yoga Classes!  The classes will be led by fellow Babe and certified yoga instructor, Jenny, and will help you strengthen, lengthen, and lean up those muscles while also improving flexibility and relaxation.  It is a perfect compliment to our Boot Camp classes.  Add

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Booty Challenge Week 4

    This is it, babes. The last week of this challenge is upon us. We will be doing tiny movements this week. Only three exercises, however this time you will do each to failure. This means you keep going and performing the exercises until you can’t do it any more. You will feel the

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Booty Challenge Week 3

    We are halfway through the June Booty Challenge! I am proud of the hard work you are putting in! During the third week we are focusing on adding shape to your glutes.   Week Three Monday-Friday Focus: Adding Shape   10 Single leg side pull 10 Fire hydrants 10 Sidekick out while holding

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Fun and FREE!

Two fun and free events coming up that you won’t want to miss: What:  After completing my certification with Z Health, I have an entirely new understanding of the connection between vision, balance, and movement. Join me for a FREE class to learn the basics of this mind body connection and discover how you can

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Booty Challenge Week 2

  Booty gets firmer. Week two is here! I am proud of all of you for starting this booty journey with me. Week two’s focus is still on building muscle in our glutes. If your form is good, go ahead and add resistance to these exercises. Weights, bands, or ankle weights will do the trick.

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Summer Booty Challenge

    Summer is here! It is hot and most of us will be living in the pool. My goal for this challenge is to build up our Booty. In order to build up and add shape to your glutes, you have to approach each exercise with slow, controlled, deliberate focus. Just half-assing the exercises

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Outstanding Babe … Randi!

From time to time, we like to recognize a Babe who Stands Out. We look for someone who displays heart, exhibits happiness, and makes a change in themselves or helps others to make a change. For June 2014, we’d like to introduce Randi! She works hard at every class, is a pleasure to be around,

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