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What goes through the mind of a skilled marathon runner?

 As many people know, our resident running expert, Apryl Campbell, just completed her sixth full marathon in January.  Apryl is an amazing runner and an inspiration to so many Boot Camp Babes.  Have you ever wondered what goes through her mind as she runs 26.2 miles?  Is she super human?  No, she has the same

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Veggies with Breakfast

Part of a healthy diet includes vegetables, and lots of them.  The key to adding vegetables to your diet is variety so that you expose yourself to a multitude of vitamins and minerals.  Most people have a hard time getting veggies into their breakfast, so here is a little recipe I came up with after

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Fueling Up for the Big Hike

There is a group of Boot Camp Babes that are off to hike the National Trail at South Mountain tomorrow.  We need to fuel up for the event, so I made this little dish today for lunch and it was delicious, full of protein, and full of fiber!!!  Plus, since it’s loaded with Folate, we’ll

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Spinach Salad with Chicken Avocado and Goat Cheese

Making any salad is an art of balance. You can always throw some olive oil and vinegar on a pile of lettuce, but where’s the love in that? I feel like a great salad has the correct blend of greens, assorted veggies of various texture, color, and taste, some cheese and/or nuts to add a

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Exercising with a Cold

As cold season has come in and hit Arizona with a vengeance this year, many people wonder if they should keep exercising through it or rest. I know my mom always told me that exercise will get you through a cold faster, but this is from a woman who rarely ever get’s sick, so I

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13 Ways to a Fantastic 2013

Every year you make resolutions and set goals and many years they repeat, year after year after year. Good intentions are the right first step, but what can you do differently in 2013 to make it happen? What can you start doing RIGHT NOW before 2014 sneaks up on you and you’re here again asking

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Basil Lime Chicken

I am a fairly healthy eater.  I love quinoa, most vegetables, and all sorts of salads!  However, I find it really hard to find recipes that are healthy AND that my son or step-dad or brother-in-law love.  They all enjoy certain healthy foods, but they do it more because their expected to and not because

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Mental Benefits of Exercise

While many people work out to lose weight, there are so many benefits beyond just weight loss.

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Welcome to the New Boot Camp Babes Web Site!!!

Although we loved everything we had to say on our old website, we felt like it just needed a refresh and we wanted it to be easier for you to find what you are looking for.  It’s still a work in progress, but we are so excited to share it with you.  This blog portion

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