Can’t get a workout in?

Are your children home with you during the day?

Do you dread taking them to daycare at the gym?


Get a great workout while your children are being supervised in a safe, fun environment by our CPR certified and experienced staff of childcare providers who will entertain them with story time, organized activities, and free play.  (Please note: having children present is not a requirement for this class.)

Sign your children in and discuss any details necessary with our providers.  If you have an infant, you are welcome to bring a pre-made bottle, clearly labeled with his or her name for your baby to enjoy during your workout.  Please note that providers do not change diapers.  If you would like to be notified during class time that a change is necessary, please let your provider know and they will contact you.

As you can see, our philosophy is different from that of “stroller” classes, or other Mommy and Me programs.  We focus on an intense, hour-long training session while our children are entertained and properly supervised, rather than training with our children, which leads to distractions.  Another benefit: Moms and kids make new friends, as children get used to interacting with the same kids each week or more.  We share parenting tips, babysitters and, most important, give each other the emotional support that is so desperately needed as a new mother.  (Please be respectful of others, and keep your child home if sick.  Moms, for this reason, you may makeup two classes per session by attending an alternate morning or evening class, if space is available.)

Mommy Tip:  Teach your kids the importance of exercise too!  For additional fitness ideas for the little ones, pick up a copy at your local Library or use the links below:

City of Chandler: Break Time Magazine
City of Phoenix: Parks and Recreation

We also support your children’s fitness by offering Kid’s Camp multiple times throughout the year.  It’s a Boot Camp style class made just for them!  Check the calendar or blog for details.

For questions regarding childcare or to make sure space is available in the class you are interested in, please contact [email protected]


– A maximum of 4 children per mom, please.
– All ages of babies/toddlers welcome.
– First child is only $10 for the entire session.  (That is less than $1 per class!)
– Additional children are $5 each for the session