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Boot Camp Babes (BCB) is our original program and is great for all fitness levels. This fast-paced class incorporates circuit training, high-intensity interval training, unique games, cardio, plyometrics, group drills and more! We utilize a range of equipment and constantly change-up the workouts. You never know what to expect when you show up for camp; we like to keep you on your toes. Each day of the week incorporates a specific muscle group (ie.  Mon-upper body, Tue-lower body, Wed-all over, Thu- upper body, Fri-lower body) and some core work is included in every class.  Keep this schedule in mind when selecting the days you work out and know that there will always be some leg work during the cardio segments of each class.  Please bring a set of 5-lb weights to camp and a mat (or towel) for ground work.
Babes Basic Training (BBT) teaches the foundation of Boot Camp Babes. This camp will prepare you for our additional Boot Camp classes that are very intense and fast paced. In Babes Basic Training, you will learn proper form for specific exercises and spend time getting acquainted with some of the equipment we use at camp. The workout material is presented at a basic level with less impact on joints; transitions are slower; and the interval training is taken down a notch. This is a great place to start if you are new, recovering from injury or pregnancy, or just need to back off for a bit.
Ready for a challenge? It’s time to push yourself farther than you imagined you could go. Whether you are at a plateau and need some new motivation, you find that your athletic level exceeding most in your current class, or you’re just looking for something different, Xtreme Babes will provide the challenge you need. Experience cutting-edge fitness techniques and instruction and don’t forget to bring your set of 10lb weights and a mat (or towel) for ground work.
Babes on the Run (BotR) is a class is for all levels of runner, whether you have run marathons and just want to improve your time, or you have never done a race in your life! Even if you don’t plan to do any races and just want a great workout, BotR is great way to increase your calorie burn first thing in the morning. To further enhance your running club experience, you can also purchase personalized run training plans that will be created specifically for your needs.

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