Can I attend a free trial class?

Yes, and we welcome it, free of charge!  You can come participate in a full week of class to see what we are all about and meet your trainer.  Fill out the online form here or call Marnie or Jamie at 480-788-9FIT to sign up for the free trial.

Where are the camps located?

Currently we run camps in Chandler at Veterans Oasis Park and at The Grove Church; in Phoenix at G.R. Herberger Park; in Gilbert at The Islands.  For more information, click on our Locations page.

I’m scared to death of attending a true Boot Camp class and have heard Boot Camp Babes is really challenging.  Is there a spot for me at camp?

Yes!  Sounds like Babes Basic Training would be a great fit for you!  Click here to check out the details.  Even if you can’t make it to a Babes Basic Training class, all of our classes are modifiable for any fitness level!

I’ve heard you also have events outside of camp.  What can I expect?

Camaraderie is very important when working toward a fitness goal.  We have a BCB Facebook Group where we are connected and communicate outside of camp or you can find information in our Announcements on the Babes Blog.  Monthly happy hours, parties, events, etc are scheduled for those who wish to attend and can be found on the Events page.  Being a “Babe” gives you access to instant friends!  We are part of a team that works hard to support each other.

What types of exercises can I expect at camp?

You name it, we’re doing it!  One of the main priorities of Boot Camp Babes is to keep the program new and exciting.  We do all types of exercises from simple push-ups to energetic games, such as a relay obstacle courses.  To keep it interesting, we use different types of equipment (ie. the Lebert Buddy System, the Equalizer, and the TRX suspension systems, featured on the Biggest Loser) along with traditional dumbbells and body bars.  Last summer, we played dodge ball with water balloons to keep cool!  Who knew you could get 12 wind sprints in without even noticing?  We strive to keep it fun and exciting while you benefit from a great workout!

Do I need to bring anything to camp?

For best results, we suggest you bring an exercise mat (or towel) for ground work, one set of 5-lb weights and plenty of water!  Any other special equipment will be brought by the instructor.  Check out Merchandise & Enrollment for some other fun items you might want to bring along!

What do I benefit from in a 4-week camp?

Very simply, you WILL improve your overall health!  Even if you change nothing else at home during this 4-week period, you will see results.  If you combine the training at camp with the tips given to you on our Nutrition page or on the Babes Blog, you will dramatically improve!  It is hard to argue with science.  Sure, we all want that “magic pill” that can make us all fit.  If it were that easy, everyone would be in great shape.  We are going to do it with no gimmicks, no quick fixes…  just good old-fashioned hard work.  It will pay off in the end.  In camp we focus on exercises that flatten your stomach, build lean muscle, tighten your butt and thighs and increase your endurance.  Losing inches and boosting your self-confidence are just an added bonus!  Boot Camp Babes also has Body Media Arm Bands available for you to borrow to enhance the efficiency of your workout.  We highly recommend this product!

I drop off my children at school in the morning, and the class with childcare would work great with my schedule.  I would like to attend this class but won’t have my children with me.  Is that okay?

Of course!  You are not required to have children to attend this class.  It is simply a class where childcare is provided.  Come join us, anytime.

In a Boot Camp Babes class with childcare, does my child stay in the stroller the entire time?

No way!  Boot Camp childcare is designed with your children in mind.  Obviously, sweet little ones will be perfectly content sleeping in their car seats/strollers, and you might prefer to leave them snuggled in there.  But for some toddlers, this is an impossible task. We have plenty of activities for the little ones to keep them entertained.  Feel free to speak openly with your childcare provider and let them know any specific instructions you have.  Bottom line, your children come first and we want you to do whatever you are comfortable with, as long as you can still get in a good training session!

Is there an age limit for the children in the Boot Camp Babes childcare?

We suggest they be at least 6 weeks old, but it is your discretion.  They can continue to attend class at any age.  A maximum of 4 children per mommy, please.  Make sure to get your doctor’s permission before beginning this, or any exercise program, if you have a newborn.

Is childcare included in the price of the Boot Camp Babes class?

It is important to us to ALWAYS keep childcare costs to a minimum.  The first child is only $10.00 for the entire 4 week session and each additional child is only $5 more.  This breaks down to less than $1 a class!  A huge difference from the gym or daycare, which charge up to $8.00 per hour, per child.  We have several CPR certified, quality childcare providers (most who are moms like you) on site to help keep your little one safe while you get a great workout in.  Our ratios are kept very low and all providers are hands-on with each little one.  We understand how important it is for moms to get a small break in their day, and know their child is safe.

What if the weather is bad?

Luckily, we don’t experience too much inclement weather.  But if you are unsure, you can call 480-788-9FIT before you travel to camp.  Sorry, no refunds will be given due to weather conditions beyond our control.  As long as it is safe, camp will continue. After all, this is Boot Camp, right?  A little rain never hurt anyone!

How do I secure my spot in a camp?

Click here to enroll.  You will receive a confirmation email of your payment and additional registration information after your payment is received.  Please follow the directions carefully in this email to ensure you are prepared for the first class!  Creating your goal is very important.  Once it is in writing you are one step closer to achieving it!

What is the age range/fitness levels of the women who attend camp?

Women of all ages and fitness levels are encouraged to attend.  All exercises can be modified to meet individual needs.  We have made fitness available to women of all types…moms who need childcare, women who are hesitant of exercising outside in an open space, women who have never embarked on a fitness program but are ready to take that challenge and be supported by others with the same concerns, and women who are fit but want something different from their boring routine of the gym!  Even mothers and daughters team up and work out together.

We get to know each participant on a personal level and unite as a team during our camps.  Camaraderie is so important when you are working towards a common goal.



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