Our Story

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Boot Camp Babes!  Just as we make it a point to get to know you, we want you to know more about us.  We are both group fitness instructors certified by the American Council of Exercise and we both started off as Boot Camp Babes, just like you!

Jamie was a stay at home mom of two who always loved exercise and fitness, but like many women, just stopped making it a priority in her life.  She decided one day that it was time for a change and had heard about Boot Camp Babes, so decided to enroll.  She was so nervous.  She emailed the owner multiple times and was terrified to go by herself, but finally worked up the courage to go.  She expected it to be intimidating, but instead found a group of women just like her and a workout that really produced results and was fun.  Everyone was welcoming and encouraging and over time her self-doubt faded and her hard work ethic and energy became motivation for other women.  Not only did Jamie get stronger physically, she now had confidence that she had once lost.  She was such a motivating force, the owner of the company approached Jamie to become a trainer.  She was not just any trainer – she initiated Babes Basic Training (knowing first-hand the feeling of starting new to camp), she came up with many of themed work-outs (like Alphabet Day and Sports Day), and she became the trainer everyone associated with kindness and compassion.  It was because of these attributes that Jamie was offered the opportunity to buy the company.  But did she want to take this on by herself?
Marnie was a full-time electrical engineer and a brand new mom.  She found Boot Camp Babes as a way to lose the weight she had gained from her pregnancy.  Marnie had always loved health and fitness and grew up in a fitness environment (her mom / inspiration still teaches fitness classes in Canada).  She came to Boot Camp Babes looking for nothing more than a great workout, and at first, that was all it was to her.  Then one day at class, Marnie met Jamie.  The two of them both worked hard and had fun doing it.  They regularly paired up and challenged each other to do better.  Jamie encouraged her to attend some Boot Camp Babes events and soon, Marnie realized that there was so much more to this program than just the great workout.  Because of her hard work ethic and positive demeanor, Marnie was approached about being a trainer, but it was hard for her to leave her job as an engineer.  Finally, after a year of dissatisfaction at work, wanting to spend more time with her son, and yearning to make more of a difference in people’s lives, Marnie decided to become a trainer only to find out that the company was being sold and had been offered to someone else.  She knew at this moment that she was destined to not just leave engineering (even though she had a Master’s Degree in it) to become a trainer, but instead to follow her new found passion and buy the company.  But could she work with the person it was offered to?
As if planned from the start, we became co-owners of Boot Camp Babes.  Jamie took over the Chandler locations and Marnie opened up the Phoenix location.  Jamie brings compassion, attentiveness, creativity, and critical thinking to BCB.  Marnie brings positivity, inspiration, organization, and technical know-how.  Together, we are a perfect compliment and neither could imagine doing this with anyone else.  We were given the opportunity to do what we love and help people find their strength, the way we found ours.  We strive to teach balance – working out hard, enjoying life, eating well, treating yourself sometimes, making time for your loved ones, and making time for yourself.  We both could have run this company on our own, but together we are stronger.  We realized there is strength in numbers and we try to bring that into camp as well.  We all work better with support and Boot Camp Babes is designed to promote and build that support into your workout and your life.  We also strive to bring laughter into every class we run.  Exercise should challenge you, but it should also make you happy and Boot Camp Babes is a place where you may sweat like a girl, but you’ll be laughing while you do it.
We have had to work hard to be healthy and look good.  It does not “come naturally” as you may have thought.   We understand the emotional and physical turmoil weight issues can cause, and we are here to help you with yours.  We are women just like you and we “get” it.  Don’t believe it … check out our “before” photos (to the right).

If we can do it, so you can you!



Yep, that’s Marnie there on the left!


 And that was Jamie!

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