Days Per WeekRates per 4-week session6 Month Contract (10% Savings)
Unlimited Anytime$175$158
Unlimited Early & Nights$99$90
6 Punch Pass$99
Drop In Fee$20
Manual Payment Fee$20
Early Contract Cancellation$50
ChildcareFirst Child: $10Each Child After: $5 more for up to 4 kids

Corporate Boot Camp

Please contact [email protected] to learn about companies we work with and how to bring Boot Camp to your organization.


All of our rates are based on month to month continual enrollment and you will be automatically drafted for the next session on the 25th of the month prior (ie. on January 25th your card will be run for the February session).  We are moms and we understand the need for flexibility, so you still have the option to change your days of enrollment or to prorate your session up until the 25th of each month for no charge.  We do need 30days notice prior to draft to stop payment completely.  If for any reason, you do not want to use the auto-draft system, you simply have to pay a manual payment fee of $20 per session.  For an extra 10% savings, sign up for a 6 month contract (there will be a $50 charge to cancel your contract early) and enjoy the discount!

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