Each one of these women started out as participants of Boot Camp Babes.  Through hard work, perseverance, and a passion for fitness, they transformed into the amazing trainers you know today.  Let them help you achieve your goals!






Some of Jamie’s accomplishments include:

– Completing seven half marathons

– Participating in 2 Warrior Dashes

– Losing weight and getting healthy for her kids

– Hiking 7 Phoenix summits in one day for the 7 Summit Challenge and hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (down and up and a day!)

– Running in Ragnar Del Sol (a 200mile relay race)

– Participating in the Susan G Komen 60mile 3 Day Walk for the Cure

Jamie is the proud mother of 2 kids, Caiden and Callie, who keep her very busy! She is an active member of her church and she loves Boot Camp, hiking, running, traveling, playing games with her family, and thunderstorms.  She enjoys good runs, good food, and good friends.
Jamie’s story begins as a typical trainer’s journey:  Athletic all her life, with a love for jogging, playing tennis and running track, she had a passion for fitness and self-studied Nutrition/Exercise and Health and Wellness while completing her BA in Sociology at the University of Washington.  But her journey took a different turn when she became pregnant.  She was blessed with two pregnancies but also the daunting task of losing 60 pounds after each birth.   Like many of us, she struggled each time to get the weight off.   After she had lost most of the weight from her second child, she started bringing along her friends and her mother to the gym while she trained, teaching them the correct form for exercises and healthy workout habits that she had learned.  She not only got herself back into better shape but helped her mom complete her first 10K as well.  Then the little ones started to grow up, and like many of us, she got busy being a mom… she started neglecting herself, and lost sight of who she was.   Unfortunately, she soon found herself in the worst shape of her life as the pounds crept back on.  Even though she knew what exercises to perform and what to eat for better health, she was too wrapped up in being a mother and didn’t take time for herself.  It was at her worst point when she found Boot Camp Babes.  At that point she was ready… and she never looked back!  Her determination and go-getter attitude was admired at camp.  She lost 35 pounds and 32 inches, but more importantly, camp re-ignited her passion for fitness!  It also helped her re-discover her gift for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.  Fellow babes frequently commented that having her for a partner at camp was like having your own personal trainer for the day.  Her hard work ethic is inspirational and as a client in her class you leave feeling motivated, uplifted, and ready to face the day.  Those of you who know Jamie can see her determined attitude and self discipline shine through at camp.  It is hard to imagine she was once without these traits.  She understands what it feels like to want something more for yourself and is ready to push each of you to get you there, too!
Jamie’s passion in helping others reach their fitness goals ran so deep, that she is not just a trainer, but also an owner in Boot Camp Babes!!!  If you ever need someone to relate to you or have any questions about health, fitness, or Boot Camp Babes in general, Jamie is always a perfect place to start.
Jamie Mikla
[email protected]
ACE Certified Group Instructor (Chandler/Gilbert)
Trainer and Owner




Some of Marnie’s accomplishments include:

– Completing four half marathons and three 15K races in the span of two years

– Participating in 2 Warrior Dashes and a Spartan Sprint

– Completing the Nathan’s Olympic distance Triathlon and the Urban Dirt Off Road Sprint Triathlon

– Hiking 7 Phoenix summits in one day for the 7 Summit Challenge and hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice (down and up and a day!)

– Running in Ragnar Del Sol (a 200mile relay race)

– Participating in the Susan G Komen 60mile 3 Day Walk for the Cure

It’s probably not common to see many electrical engineers become trainers, but with Marnie, it’s really no surprise.  Marnie has always been an athlete.  She started softball and skiing when she was seven years old and through school added snowboarding, golf, and field hockey (where she was recognized as MVP her sophomore year).  While in school, Marnie was also a lifeguard, swimming instructor, and youth sports camp instructor.  Through teaching youth sports camps, Marnie discovered two of her passions: teaching and fitness!  At this point she had a choice to make, and fitness gave way to academics as Marnie moved from Calgary, Canada to Arizona to attend ASU.  She went on to graduate summa cum laude with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and continued with her Master’s degree.  If you ever wonder where she learned determination, ask her about that thesis.  After graduating from college, Marnie continued to stay active playing recreational and competitive Ultimate Frisbee.  Marnie is an amazing, well-rounded person, both intellectually and physically.  Her drive to succeed is contagious!
Marnie’s level of fitness was not always at its peak, however.  Between sitting at a desk all day and her love of good food and wine, she found herself in new territory as her fitness level declined.  Add to that the emotional turmoil of struggling to have a baby.  She was frustrated and worn out, and like most women, used food as a way to feel better.  Then in December 2008 , after years of trying, Marnie had her son, Kace.  Although she was completely overjoyed with the new little boy in her life, she also gained 50 extra pounds from the pregnancy.  She tried to get back into playing Ultimate, but she found that all of her speed was gone and her endurance had suffered from inactivity.  She was feeling terrible about herself and needed help!  Fortunately, a Google search brought up Boot Camp Babes and started her on a path she never expected.  Not only did Boot Camp help her drop that baby weight and get her speed and endurance back, she started setting new goals.  She was inspired to run the Nike women’s half marathon and walk the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure in 2010 by some fellow Babes.  Marnie had never been a fan of long distance running or walking and really did not believe she was capable.  She completed both, with impressive finishing times, and loved them so much she continues to do more and more.
Marnie had rediscovered her love for fitness and had found new ways to set goals and make them happen.  Her next goal was to take what she learned and make a difference in other people’s lives by becoming a Boot Camp Babes trainer.  As a trainer, Marnie’s enthusiasm is infectious and her hard work ethic inspires others to do the same.  Marnie was so thankful for what Boot Camp Babes did for her and so inspired as a trainer, she ended up leaving the world of engineering and becoming an owner at Boot Camp Babes!!  I guess now you could consider her an engineer of health and fitness.
Marnie Wong
[email protected]
ACE Certified Group Instructor (Phoenix)
Trainer and Owner