Have questions? We have answers!

Do I have to be in shape to attend camp?

No silly, camp will get you in shape! All levels are welcome and each exercise can be modified, no problem. The point is to show up and get your body moving! We will take care of the rest.

What if I can't perform all the exercises?

That's okay and is to be expected for newbies. We will modify for you. All we ask is you try and put forth good effort. EVERYONE had a "day one"... they were nervous and unsure and maybe even had some anxiety. That is totally normal. Push past your initial fears and just do it. When you leave after your first class, you will feel so empowered!

Do you have childcare?

Yep! Don't worry, we've got you covered! Your tiny ones will be happy and occupied while you get some much needed time to work on yourself.

Where and When are classes currently being held?

All current class info can be found here. We can't wait to meet you!

What do I need to bring to camp?

A set of 5 pound weights, a set of 10 pound weights, a mat for ground work and a positive attitude!

How can I pay for camp?

You can enroll online here,

A link will be emailed to you after payment with our Babe Intake form. This must be completed to secure your registration. Thank you!

Do you offer a nutrition program?

Yes! We are happy to provide all of the tools and guidance from our amazing superfoods system. The proper nutrition is key when working toward any fitness goal. Learn more about our program here.

This is a Boot Camp, am I going to get yelled at and be stressed out in class?

This is my favorite question and it gets asked a lot! Rest assured you will not feel belittled in any way. Boot Camp Babes is a motivating and empowering atmosphere! No scary drill sergeants allowed. Although I have been accused of being too energetic... I am approachable and relatable. You will never feel left behind.

Do you have activities outside of camp also?

Yes mam! We have Babes Night Out, enroll in races, community events, have family picnics, volunteer, go to yoga/spin/boxing... you name it! The huge part of the success of Boot Camp Babes comes from the Babes themselves. You will definitely be a part of a team.