Just Be You

Andrea Kaye Goodman Nassau, Bahamas

How many times do we second guess ourselves because we are worried about how others may perceive us? How many times do we not even TRY to do something because of this?

In a world of growing digital and social media, where "putting yourself out there" only takes mere seconds, still we pause. We pause and we let fear set in...

What if _____ sees this?

What if _____ doesn't see this?

What if no one "likes" it?

What if someone says something negative about it, or worse... about me?

What if what I was trying to do gets misinterpreted?

Guess what? Who the hell cares... JUST BE YOU! There is someone out there wanting to hear from you, there is someone out there that will benefit greatly from you and there is someone out there that is listening.

We all have something unique within us that can be impactful. Don't be afraid to put it out there and just be you! XO

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