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Andrea Kaye Goodman with Boot Camp Babes

Because I'm in the fitness industry and help people with their nutrition, I am constantly under the spotlight. (And yes, there is pepper in my teeth, I could have edited it out with some software, but whatever... that is real life. Lol) I regularly get asked questions like "what do I eat" and "omg, you can drink wine??" If you are a part of this crazy space, you know exactly what I am talking about. ☺️

I wanted to throw it out there today that M O D E R A T I O N is the key! I don't deny myself the things I want 100 percent, I just keep them in check. For those of you starting a new diet/fitness routine/healthier lifestyle/new goals...if I can give you my best advice, I would tell you this:

Live freely and unapologetically!

If you want the brownie, have the (gasp) sugar-laden brownie! Just don't have one everyday. If you want the wine flight at one of your favorite restaurants, order it! (yes, it was so yummy. A Napa Valley flight ☺️) Stop the madness and just think about it logically for a second. Good nutrition doesn't have to be hard, it just has to fit into your life.

I've been coaching for over a decade and I see this same pattern show up and repeat itself ALL the time. We have been conditioned to believe that it is all or nothing. Eat everything perfectly... no gluten, no sugar, only whole foods, only organic foods, nothing processed. Etc, etc. But guess what? Being so restrictive simply sets us up to fail. No one is perfect! Especially in our world where there are unhealthy choices surrounding us 24/7. We partake in the "shameful" food or drink, then we feel guilty. We either indulge more because we already blew it, or we quit all together because we feel like a failure. It's a negative pattern and the majority of people live it.

Why then does the fitness industry try to constantly force us to try to stick to crazy diets and give us lists upon lists of what foods to eat, what foods not to eat and what times to eat them?

It is exhausting and I am over it! It may work for a little bit, but it isn't sustainable. And it certainly isn't fun! It is stressful and all-consuming.

I followed the masses and my certification books, I used to coach this way, and I would get results, yes... but these days I have switched my focus and I am more interested in balance and taking the pressure off. I have found that this is SO MUCH more effective and I am seeing even better results. Most importantly, clients are happier and more fulfilled. It is amazing that with a little shift in mindset and the right support, big changes can happen!

My goal is to build community and help people LIVE! To show them how to exercise and eat in moderation and not feel like a slave to food. Our bodies are amazing. If we fuel them properly, they respond positively, period.

Let me know if I can help you with your nutrition on your journey to a healthier you!

You can message/call/text/come over or meet me somewhere for details! You CAN accomplish your fitness and nutrition goals, and I would love to help! 😘

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