New Beginnings


This week, our tiny ones have either just finished their first day of the school year, or are about to. You may be feeling the anxiety and the excitement right along with them! Change is usually scary and new beginnings always bring about mixed emotions.

I stopped to think about how each and every year, are children are forced to step into the unknown and face new teachers, new expectations, new peers and a new routine. They do this without fail, whether they want to or not! We tell them to

Be brave

Be confident

Be polite

Make new friends

And work hard this year...

That first morning, their little tummies turn upside down with nervousness as their hands slip away from ours... and they move forward. Taking small steps across the school yard and into the hands of their new teachers. They overcome their fears, they adjust and they work through it. How amazing are our babies?!

What if we, as adults, were asked to step into something scary and unknown year after year? What if someone simply gave us a few statements of encouragement and we were forced to grow? Elevating ourselves and our lives as we embraced new relationships and gained knowledge? What an interesting concept!

I challenge you to move forward and tackle something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't think about any of the "adult" objections around it. Take a deep breath and let go of the fear. Mirror this each year when your kiddos start school and as you get more comfortable, do it more often! Making the effort to improve yourself will not only boost your confidence and create new opportunities for happiness, it will allow you to add more value to others. Spend time thinking about this today  and make it happen! You are strong and you are capable! Xo

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