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Our Philosophy

Counting Macros and meal prep is all the hype at the moment. As photos of repetitive meals in plastic containers flood my Social Media feed, I wish I could jump into their kitchens and guide each of these individuals, to show them a much better way. I'm currently working on figuring that out! LOL But, luckily for you, you have found our website and will be able to get the help you need to improve yourself from the inside out!

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, and I've tried it all. Each new hype brings along its own set of pro and cons. Over the years of testing these, I discovered that the rigorous and time consuming meal prep/counting macros worked the best. In fact, I have successfully coached macros for years. But guess what? I am giddy to announce there is a much better solution!

I wasn't searching for it, but it has absolutely changed my life. Who is ready to get HOURS back into their week and eliminate consuming all of your food out of tupperware containers? Just the memory of the distinct smell of cooked broccoli and fish invading my entire fridge makes me sick to my stomach. Yuck.

I would plan out my menu,

make a list,

load all of the kiddos up to purchase the ingredients,

come home to prep/measure/cook,

THEN figure out which combination of foods fit my macros for the each day of the week and label them. (and oh by the way figure out what to make for the family, since there is no way they were going to eat like this every few hours)

After I was finished with all of the above, I had the pleasure of toting around all these meals wherever I went like a gypsy! (even on trips to Disney... my family falls into the "Disney Freak" category, so I had to be sure to stay on point with my nutrition, since we are at the park all the time. LOL) Sometimes, I would splurge and purchase all of my food from a prep company. Saving me a ton of time! But, it was expensive and not something that was practical for everyday life. I thought about hiring a personal chef several times, but unfortunately I am not a celebrity and that didn't work out very well!

What if I told you there was a much better way to still flood your body with nutrients and whole foods, without all of this hassle? As I said, I have tried it all... and I am telling you that the nutrition program we use at Boot Camp Babes WORKS, period.

Isagenix Value Pak

Isagenix is an all natural, superfood system that is the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle. It simplifies and enhances your life, never complicates it. Since I started putting these products into my body, I literally cannot go a day without them. It has been LIFE CHANGING for me and I know it will be for you too!

About 10 years ago, I was approached and asked to try the product. At this time, Boot Camp Babes was in full swing and I was heavily focused on "no supplements" or "fillers"... To be blunt, no way in hell I was going to try some random product that no one has heard about. I was good with my chicken and brown rice, thank you very much. I wasn't going to fall into a trap of the next weight loss hype, much less introduce it to my clients. I was such a skeptic.

Man, was I wrong. So VERY wrong not to try it back then! Since I have put Isagenix into my body,

I have never felt better, slept better or had more energy in my life! Not to mention the bonus of a flat stomach...

The company heavily invests and prides themselves on conducting extensive science-based, medical research and develops ah-ma-zing products that work for every type of body. These products are not chemically laden my friends! (unlike some of their competitors in the health and fitness industry). They are filled with carefully selected natural ingredients and they are the real deal. Your body is flooded with nutrients and high-quality proteins, Every. Single. Day.

Isagenix makes it very simple and can be customized for everyone's individual needs. Personally, I enjoy 2 shakes per day and incorporate 1-2 whole food meals, period.  Your needs may be different from mine, and that is okay! Isagenix provides a multitude of products so everyone can make it work for their specific circumstances.

At Boot Camp Babes, we offer training and guidance with all of your Isagenix products. We will not simply send you the products and instructions and leave you to fend for yourself. We want you to succeed, and in order to succeed, you need coaching and accountability. We have the experience and the knowledge to turn your transformation story into a successful one, just like our own!

Isagenix has been around for over 15 years and has surpassed cumulative earnings of over 5 billion dollars! They are doing something right! What finally made me shift my skepticism into trying the product was this...

Either the products work really well, or the associates that sell the products are well taken care of.

I am happy to report that both of these are true! About 80 percent of those that experience Isagenix are product users that thrive on the ingredients. The other 20 percent have the added benefit of representing the product and leading a financially free lifestyle. Want to learn more about getting these products into your body?  Maybe you are also interested in earning your own income and/or product rebates? Whatever your needs are, we will make it happen! Shoot me a quick email and let me know your goals. I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!

One Day, or Day One? You decide.

Why Isagenix?