Real Talk

Okay, real talk… About 10 years ago I was approached to try Isagenix. To make a long story short, I said no. Actually, HELL NO! Nothing was going to convince me to put my credibility as a fitness professional on the line and try some crazy hype. But man was I wrong, so very wrong back then.

Fast forward into the next decade (and some maturity and education on my part)… I am now a proud member of Team Isagenix, and am humbled to stand next to amazing professional athletes and link arms with this elite organization within the company. Since I have put Isagenix into my body, I have never felt better, slept better or had more energy in my life! Not to mention the bonus of a flat stomach... I know what it is like to be a tired, stressed out, overwhelmed mom and wife. The nutrients in this system gave me relief from all of that and will for you too.

The company heavily invests and prides themselves on conducting extensive science-based, medical research and develops ah-ma-zing products that work for every type of body. These products are not chemically laden my friends! (unlike some of their competitors in the health and fitness industry). They are filled with carefully selected natural ingredients and they are the real deal. Your body is flooded with nutrients and high-quality proteins, Every. Single. Day.

Either the products work really well, or the associates that sell the products are well taken care of.

I am happy to report that both of these are true! About 80 percent of those that experience Isagenix are product users that thrive on the ingredients. The other 20 percent have the added benefit of representing the product and leading a financially free lifestyle.

The coach in me wants you to succeed, and I will be your accountability partner every step of the way. I used to charge hundreds of dollars for a nutrition consultation and monitoring… instead, you purchase the products, repair your body at the cellular level, and I support you. A win-win for both of us. If you are at all curious about my story, contact me and lets chat.

I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!

One Day, or Day One? You decide. XO

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