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Andrea Kaye Goodman Bahamas

Today I want to talk a little bit about the super fun topic of social media. You either love it or hate it… or if you are like me, you flip-flop back and forth with it like a fish that was freshly caught. Tossing and turning until you either manage to jump back into the water, or ultimately… well, you know how that story ends. Not a pretty picture, I know… but the struggles that so many of us face as a fitness entrepreneur when dealing with social media are very real and just as vivid. Do we follow the masses and post gym selfie after gym selfie, because those that do seem to have a million “followers”?? Or do we spend a ton of time cranking out content daily with workout videos that we can share? Maybe we should post 3 times per day at the “optimal times” to hope we get lucky and get some engagement without having to pay and boost that post? Do we use scantily clad images because for sure that is going to catch more attention? (and oh by the way, we are in the fitness industry, so if we are covered up more that must mean that we don’t like our bodies or we are trying to hide something). HOLY COW, STOP THE MADNESS! How can we escape all of this and so much more that I didn’t even mention? It is ex-haus-ting!! But, we have no choice. We must figure out something that works to get engagement and followers, because when we apply for a split in a magazine or the coveted cover shot, what is the editor going to ask for first? You guessed it! Your social media profiles.

Anyone else feeling like a hamster in a wheel? I know I sure am at times! I definitely haven’t figured out my place in social media yet. But, I am going to give myself a little pat on the back for at least trying to stay consistent. Here is my two cents and a couple of tips for a fitness entrepreneur on social media:


Do what works for YOU…

Don’t take the gym selfie just because everyone else is doing it. Personally, if I see one more gym selfie or check-in contest prep photo, I may puke. Sure, I’ve done it too.. as recently as last summer, because I thought that was what I HAD to do to get noticed. But guess what? I’m over it! Do those pics get a lot of attention? Yep… does it make us feel good when we see a ton of likes on our photos?… Yep.. but what is that really doing for your brand? I believe those types of images are actually becoming the distractions and more and more people are craving authenticity and diversity. Show me fitness girls rocking their workout or a creative or professional shot in their gym clothes… but not another mirror gym shot please. To build a successful brand you have to put forth a little more effort. It will pay off in the end. (at least that is what I am hoping for.. stay tuned. Haha) You see, I built my inaugural business back when Facebook wasn’t really a “thing” and the only way I got clients to Boot Camp Babes was through face-to-face connections, word of mouth, advertising with print media and making real connections with people. Somedays I would like to throw my computer across the room and walk down to my nearest strip mall. Because then I can network with actual real live people. I can get frustrated with this online game and that worked well for me in the past. BUT, when I really sit back and think about how much of a BLESSING our social media platforms can be for small business owners, and how I can try to leverage reaching a ton of people in a short period of time, I calm down a little and suck it up. I keep educating myself on algorithms and learning from experts. I have started to post FB lives and may have no one watching at first… but who the heck cares. Someone, somewhere is needing to hear my message and one day I will have the privilege of helping them. Little by little, I will get there… and you will too!


Pay for advertising…

It makes me chuckle a little when I hear others complain about paying for a boosted post… I certainly do not think that is too much to ask to throw 10 bucks (or more or less) at some content you worked hard on for your branding to get it in front of more eyeballs. How about we look at Facebook and give gratitude instead of resistance? I am not sure where this sense of entitlement came in where is it EXPECTED to be handed 100% FREE advertising to billions of people all day, everyday, 24/7?! That is craziness. Social media platforms don’t even charge a fee to be on them! Nothing in life is free my friends. We have to work hard for the things that matter. And while we are at it, let’s give social media a little nod of respect for all it DOES do for us for free


Let everyone in, then monitor and use your block features if need be…

If the goal is to gain a following of others that are interested in you and your brand/product, why would you prejudge people that you haven’t even met and set your privacy to other countries and/or gender? Even if you are a business that works primarily with women, men still know other women silly. It is about putting yourself out there. I don’t get those that use these privacy settings at all. Last time I checked, we are all people, period. And if human beings are the types of organisms you want purchasing your products, you should put yourself in front of them. Personally, when I started one of my business pages, I (for whatever reason), got a lot of attention from people in Indonesia. I have been criticized by that from some and that is just fine with me! My husband is my all-time die hard supporter and he thinks this is amazing. In fact, he is ready to get a billboard of me up in that country. haha All silliness aside, I sell my nutrition product to anyone and everyone and I’ve been able to connect with some pretty amazing people through messenger that live in Indonesia. I think it is pretty outstanding actually. Hey, I may even learn a new language!


Lastly, the bikini or gym clothes photo for a fitness professional…

Show it, use it and rock it. Whether we like it or not, clients that want to transform their bodies need to see some of yours to give you some credibility in the industry. You don’t have to blast it all the time, but every now and then, show some skin. Use a professional photo and throw it out there. Then, post it and get out of your head! Don’t focus on the number of likes that photo is going to get from all of the “creepy stalkers” (which by the way friends, they could one day turn into a real client. Take the compliment and stand tall enough to rise above the perceived creepy stalker stage). In the mix of all the very possible “never going to buy your product likes” there will be some that really are engaging because your body and/or your message you post along with it is motivating them. Be confident and stand behind the body you have worked hard to build.

To sum it up in a nutshell, work on your own fitness and nutrition, learn the ins and outs of the trends in social media and focus on trying to better yourself everyday damn day.

Because if you become better, you can add more value to others.

Happy posting! XO

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Photo shot in the Bahamas, bikini- AmandaLouiseSwimwear



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